Written by Константин.

How to setup:

  1. Please, use original, clean client of Granado Espada.
  2. Download ZIP archive at the bottom of the article.
  3. Unzip archive and copy files to your Granado Espada client, inside the root folder.

How to run:

  1. Run UltraShovel.exe application, located here: [Your client GranadoEspada]\release\UltraShovel.exe.
  2. Run game, via ge.exe or any other method.
  3. Load/unload UltraShovel AI by pressing F12 ingame.

How to use:

  1. Configure UltraShovel with ingame graphical user interface, you can call each window by pressing Ctrl + [F1-F9].
  2. All is simple, but later i'll add more instructions.
  3. Press [Space], to save settings and start farm.

It's simple!

ATTENTION: Default language is "Rus", to change language please go to [Your client GranadoEspada]\release\UltraShovel\settings.shovel.ini and change Lang = rus  with  Lang = eng. Reboot AI [twice F12] if you already ingame.

Please report about bugs here, i'll solve it, thanks.


 Next i'll publish fixes. [solutions for bugs]. Each next fix contains previous, it mean you need to download only LAST. Install: unpack zip archive into Granado Espada root directory.

Fix 1. [already for ver 1.1] (date: 07.11.2012 - 6:34 msk)

  • Addon "Prison mice" fixed.
  • Addon for Prison Break. (for more info look Prison Break manual. If you dont have access, it mean you dont have access! Link works.

 Fix 2. [for ver 1.1] (date: 07.11.2012 - 6:34 msk)

  • Characters. Asoka added, thanks to user Jayden.
  • Characters. Timings for Angie fixed.
  • Characters. Timings for Edward fixed.

Fix 3. [for ver 1.1] (date: 16.11.2012 - 5:19 msk)

  • Characters. Soho of the wind added. thanks to user Jayden.
  • Engine. Knockdown protect added.
  • Characters. Ludin. Efreet stance fixed.
  • A lot of skills pictures added.
  • Remember: To avoid crashes, please reload (twice f12) ultra shovel, before start to farm (space). Its a temporary solution.

 Fix 4. [for ver 1.1] (date: 05.12.12 4:19 msk)

  • Characters. Fixed Soho of the wind.
  • Characters. Cadet Adriana added.
  • Characters. Catherina INT added.
  • Engine. Internal changes ( bool types changed to string ).
  • Engine. Little bug while settings loading fixed.
  • Engine. Builders returns back (rollback some changes from fix 3).

 Fix 5. [for ver 1.1] (date: 05.12.12 4:19 msk)

  • Characters. Catherina INT fixed.
  • Engine. Fixed bug with incorrect stance changing.

A description of the bug: some characters independently switched stances, because the bot does not recognize indexes of stances, all things get better, but you need to select the current weapon for the character in the skills window (Ctrl + F1). This choice is done only once, after pressing the space bar, the weapon will will be saved and will be loaded the next time.

Now, the characters shoud be respond more adequately with the skills in several stances (for example Angie in two stances).

WARNING! If the bot wrote about the fact that you selected the wrong weapon, then select current weapon in skills window (ctrl + F1)!

 Changes 1.0 => 1.1

Characters are added:

  • Mary
  • Catherine puppet
  • Catherine DEX
  • Catherine Torshe
  • Young Grandice
  • Panfilo Battle Cook.
  • Racel
  • Adelina the Pirate
  • Beatrice
  • Ralph

Characters changed:

  • Musketeer. Added stance Unlimited Shot.
  • Added expert stands for Jack, Angie, Diego.
  • Added stances Panfilo, Mi.
  • Adelina. Personal skill "Rage" - fixed.
  • Alejandro. Personal ability "Cast Net" - fixed. Changed skill "Highlander" => "Fury".
  • Andre . Personal ability "Fantastic" - fixed.
  • Ann. Personal ability "Beast" - fixed.
  • Bernelli. Personal ability "Detection" - fixed.
  • Brunie. Personal ability "Fatal Blues" - fixed. Expert stance "Wanted" is added.
  • Catherine puppet. Personal skill "Aye Maam" added. Expert stance "Puppet Master" is added.
  • Claude. Personal skill "Melt Weapon" - fixed. Changed skill "Highlander" => "Fury".
  • Fighter. Changed skill "Highlander" => "Fury".
  • Gavin. Added Personal ability "Shadow Trigger". Expert stance "Wanted" is added.
  • Grandis (old). Personal ability "Highlander Soul" - fixed. Changed skill "Highlander" => "Fury".
  • Ida. Personal ability "Melt Armor" - fixed. Changed skill "Highlander" => "Fury".
  • Jose. Personal ability "Siege Mode" - fixed.
  • Lisa. Personal ability "Grinding" - fixed. Expert stance "Blitz Assault" is added.
  • Lorch. Personal ability "Infiltration" - fixed.
  • Mboma. Personal ability "Power of Absinia" - fixed.
  • Najib. Personal ability "Sand Storm" - fixed. Expert stance "Sniper" is added.
  • Nar. Personal ability "Feral Roar" - fixed.
  • Racel. Expert stance "SabreTooth" added.
  • Ramiro. Changed skill "Highlander" => "Fury".
  • A soldier from reboldo. Added the personal ability "Tenacity".
  • Rio. Added the Personal ability "Encore".
  • Tiburon. Changed skill "Highlander" => "Fury".
  • Vicki. Expert stance "TransRobo" added.
  • Wizard. Expert stance "Telekinesis" added.


  • UltraShovel. Disabled spam in chat (blue messages).
  • Fixed a bug with the "Auto-potions", now it opens the desired window.
  • Fixed the bug with a cuted window "Auto-items" (ENG version UltraShovel).
  • Fixed bug with low Range in ENG version, was 0-2k, currently 0-5k.
  • Remade system of chars definition. Each char should attack now (non added [in UltraShovel] chars should attack too).
  • AI should be load only once, when you change location, bot correctly redefines chars, the window with the main menu does not appears each time.
  • Settings (HP Level, Level MP) saving/loading now.
  • Remade skills system, before: if Buffer have some auto-skills, he buff one of them, and the timer will start for all, now buffer casts all skills in turn. (This applies not only to the supports, now all the characters using skills better).
  • Fixed one of the problems with crash (maybe this problem was main), Now I cant simulate crashes, let's see how you will)

Big thanks for characters creation and modification to users: Alex, Andre, jznightmare. (remind me if i forgot).